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How to choose the best deodorant How to choose the best deodorant Par My Fashion World 02/08/16 12:00 Deodorant is really one of the essential of everyone’s skincare. Everybody is sweating (some people more than others) and we all want to stop the smelly nasty scent by covering it or even stopping it. How to choose the best deodorant ? Different types of...
Crystal deodorants Crystal deodorants Par My Fashion World 02/01/16 23:29 As you already may know, I am not a fan at all of antiperspirant deodorants because they contain aluminium in it (I banish it for my deodorant). So I only use the safest products I could find and Crystal deodorants are certainly a part of it. Ordinary deodorants...
Lavanila The healthy deodorant Lavanila The healthy deodorant Par My Fashion World 03/02/15 07:00 I really take care about the deodorant I use. I don’t like them chemicals and totally avoid aluminium in the formula. But unfortunately it is quite difficult to find a good one in traditional stores even if there are some alternatives like alum rock or...
Aluminium free deodorant – Tom’s of Maine Aluminium free deodorant – Tom’s of Maine Par My Fashion World 16/10/14 11:00 I always preferred aluminium free deodorants. We heard so much bad things about aluminium on this type of product (real or not) that I avoid it naturally since years. So, when I arrived in the US it feels normal for me to search a good aluminium free deodorant…and...

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